Welcome to the wonderful world of the elegant and rare suri alpaca!

After 11 years of breeding award winning suri alpacas, we've decided to leave the alpaca industry.  MAKE US AN OFFER SALE!  Browse our suri listings - if you see a suri you like, MAKE US AN OFFER - all offers will be seriously considered!
Only 7% of the world’s alpaca population is suri. The graceful suri is a separate breed from the more common huacaya alpaca. The main difference between the two alpaca breeds is the fleece or coat type. Both fleece types are soft and luxurious. The huacaya has a full, puffy, teddy bear coat while the fiber of the suri hangs in lustrous locks, giving the suri a sleek, “dreadlock” appearance. Suri fleece characteristics are very distinct. Luster in a quality suri fleece will sparkle in the sunlight and give the appearance of being wet. It will feel cool and slippery to the touch. The independence of lock allows the suri fleece to swing freely when the animal is in motion.

Our goal at Tully Mountain Suris is to breed healthy and correct suri alpacas with strong suri phenotype. We utilize only suri alpacas to produce suri offspring. Our plan selects for the finest suri characteristics, conformation and temperament, regardless of country of origin. This outcross breeding philosophy maximizes the genetic diversity of a very small gene pool available for suri breeders in this country.

Visit our website for information about suri alpacas, Tully Mountain Suris and what we have to offer you!  We specialize in the rare and beautiful suri alpaca.  You are welcome to visit our farm and meet our award winning suris.